Felix is a 38-year-old Riser who lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and four-year-old daughter. A self-proclaimed foodie, he’s always been athletic… but as time has gone on– through marriage, fatherhood and an exhilarating career as hardware technology entrepreneur – his lifestyle had shifted and well, so has his weight. Today, he’s 30 pounds lighter and here’s his story.

Highest Weight

“In the Spring of 2014 I was hanging out with a friend and I was noodling him about his weight. While I was there, I stepped on the scale and I couldn’t believe how much weight I had gained. It was eye-opening.”

A Foodie at Heart

Felix has lived in New York City, London and Boston and has been surrounded by some of the finest cuisine and he indulged. “I like savory; I don’t really binge on desserts – it’s the food I like.” He went on to say, “In New York I’d eat out pretty frequently and I was really good at navigating the menu for home runs. Still, I have a lot of cumulative bad habits – of non-sustainable habits – that sort of compounded the problem. I ate fast, I wasn’t as active as I really needed to be and the weight gain continued.”

The ‘ole Weight Loss Tricks

At 5′ 7″ and around 195 lbs, Felix decided he’d pull out some of his old “quick and dirty weight loss tactics” that served him well back in his college days.

“You know how it goes. You do what used to work: I’d try to keep myself in check by not eating after 11 p.m., make a point to go to the gym more…” He’d do these things religiously for a couple of weeks and then found himself right back where he started.

Exercise alone? Not Enough.

Finally, he decided to do something more active; a sport that he could “age” with. He grew up playing ice hockey and football, but wasn’t sure it was something he could viably continue for the long haul. And, since he noticed his flexibility decreasing while his weight was increasing, he took up rowing in July of 2014.

“Joining the crew team was just the tip of the iceberg. I was active, feeling good and doing a total body workout that fit with my lifestyle. It helped my flexibility and I lost some weight, but I knew that I still needed to do something about how I was eating. “

Felix tried other weight loss apps. He’d use them regularly for a little whle and then just sort of peter out. It was tiresome to have to classify every single thing that he ate. And, with his varied tastes, he found that much of what he ate couldn’t be “classified” within those apps.

And then he met Rise

“I started with Rise in the fall of 2014 at around 190 lbs,” said Felix. “I was ready to make a change.”

“I chose Brittany as my coach, and she’s great. Before Rise, I’d eat too quickly and too much in one sitting, so Brittany recommended a path. Now, I eat proper portions and more slowly. I don’t skip meals and I understand that a breakfast of a two fried eggs, a double-helping of hashed browns and sausage covered in syrup is not really the healthy way to go.”

Felix started making small changes; like eating healthier breakfasts. “I knew Brittany would be impressed with my multi-grain toast with avocado and salt and pepper on it. Nice and light.”

But the transition from eggs, hashed browns and toast didn’t happen overnight! “I never felt deprived. Instead, it was more of a gradual change that was do-able.”

Why it works

The accountability is key,” says Felix. “Taking pictures of my food before I eat it is just part of my daily life. The feedback that comes with each one of my food decisions is priceless, too. I’m not in a vacuum traversing this alone – I’ve got support.”

More than 30 pounds lost!

Today, after losing 30-pounds in total and spending nearly 4 months traveling in China for work, Felix is at his target weight of 160 – beating his weight goal by 5 lbs! Felix credits his coach, Brittany Craig, and the combination of exercise and diet for his weight loss. Right now he and Brittany are working on maintaining. “I want to build habits and eating routines that are fulfilling in this next phase of my journey.”

Felix says, “Anyone can easily incorporate Rise into their daily life. The feedback and guidance inspire you to make behavioral changes and you WILL see improvement. The simple, yet meaningful interaction with a nutrition coach and the consistency of logging everything you eat makes it a top of mind thought and helps you to be more mindful about your food decisions.”

All in all, Felix says that Rise is a “lifestyle change.”

Rise has helped me be more methodical about losing weight – which really works for me. I have a diet plan that’s not really a ‘diet’ – it’s a process. And, I’m happy.”

Felix – we are so proud of you. We’re so excited that we could be part of your journey.

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