My background: I’m a registered dietitian with a Master’s Degree and a Certificate in training in weight management. I specialize in diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, weight management and cardiovascular disease. I’ve developed a strong clinical background as an R.D. in New York City, where I manage patients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I have been quoted in Women’s Health magazine and work independently counseling clients in making long-term health changes.

My philosophy: I believe in a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating, physical activity, and stress management. I empower my clients to reach their goals by providing the tools, strategies and support needed to make their own positive choices. In my years of coaching, I have found that success truly comes with gradual and sustainable changes that are adaptable, realistic, and promote long-term health. A balance of food desires, passions in life, and healthy eating is key to a lifetime of a feeling of harmony without deprivation.

About me: I live in NYC and I’m a huge foodie. I love to eat out, read food blogs, and I find myself constantly on the hunt to find a great new restaurant or food to try.  It has always been important to me to be able to indulge in the things I love while also incorporating exercise and healthy eating to maintain a balanced lifestyle. In my free time, I love a good beach day, walking around the city, reading a book in central park and picnicking, and spending time with my family and friends. Nothing beats a day full of fun activities and great food!

Favorite food: Ice cream: I cannot live without it! On a healthier note, my ideal meal is grilled salmon and a salad packed with a ton of healthy ingredients. I could eat this every night for dinner.

Favorite way to exercise: Running! My absolute favorite time to run is when I am on vacation and/or visiting a new city. The last place I ran was in Greece, in Mykonos and Santorini.  I jogged along the beautiful Mediterranean; it was breathtaking and with each step I felt more exhilarated.

Specialties: weight management, heart health, diabetes

#1 healthy eating tip: Aim to eat every 2-3 hours.  It has been very effective in encouraging people to make healthy eating decisions.  Frequent healthy snacking prevents overeating at regular meals and binge eating later in the day. I pack 2 meals and 2 snacks for every work day!

Biggest nutrition pet peeve: Low carb diets! Carbohydrates are imperative for our body’s daily function and should comprise 40-60% of our diet.  What’s important is choosing the right kind of carbohydrates and incorporating that into a balanced diet of lean proteins, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

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