About me: I’ve always been passionate about the power within real food and grew up sharing this love of food with my family in Maine by learning to cook and bake from scratch at a young age. I also grew up doing the same with skin care and am in the process of making my own skin care products devoid of any artificial harsh preservatives. I’m also a pilates instructor and an an avid believer in Joseph Pilates’ “The Method” as the ultimate form of mind-body exercise. I have a bachelor’s in exercise physiology and my Master’s of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics. To balance out my work life I love to hike, travel, read, dine in old and new restaurants, and relish in the company of great friends and family.

Favorite food: Macadamia nuts

Favorite way to exercise: Pilates, dance, field hockey and Soul Cycle. I can’t pick just one!

Specialties: Pregnant women and new moms, weight loss/management, women’s health, sports-nutrition

#1 healthy eating tip: Eat a salad a day, after a while it becomes a natural habit and you will miss it if you skip a day.

Biggest nutrition pet peeve: Consuming ALL Low-fat/Non-Fat and “lite” foods.

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