Hello, Risers!

Rise is proud to work with some of the best registered dietitians in the world. Our amazing coaches are the reason Rise is able to help so many people reach their goals. So, we’d love for you to meet them! Please say “hello” to the fabulous Colleen.

About me: For 17 years I was a nutrition consultant and personal fitness trainer in Washington, DC, but then decided to combine my love for health and fitness with my love for travel.  I’ve had clients all over the U.S. and currently lead “Destination Wellness” group vacations. When not working, I like to strength train, downhill ski and compete in marathon canoe races.  As a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, I love all kinds of yoga – especially hot yoga. I became a Registered Dietitian because I love to cook and develop healthy recipes, especially for others, and still do.

Favorite food: Though it may sound boring, my favorite foods include pretty much all fruits, vegetables and fish…but I assure you, what I eat is anything but boring!  I enjoy good wine and am a bit of a coffee and sparkling water junkie.

Specialities: Fitness, Men’s health & nutrition

#1 Healthy eating tip: I agree with food author Michael Pollan that the best advice is: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

If you’d like to work with Colleen or one of our nutrition coaches, get started by signing up on website www.rise.us and get your first week free!