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A Letter from Our CEO

Our Promise to You

Rise exists at a time when there are more choices than ever before. Yes, we have a unique product and approach — but those are things that our investors care about, not necessarily things that you care about.

What’s our promise to you? We could jump on the “lose weight fast” bandwagon, and compete head-to-head with some of the world’s largest marketing machines. Or, we can focus on the intersection of what our users really care about, what we believe in, and what we can deliver better than anyone else.

Rise is your relief from an endless cycle of dieting. Here’s a dirty little secret: most diet products want you to gain the weight back because, if you do, then you might buy their product again. The results is millions of frustrated people who feel stuck in a cycle of lose-gain, lose-gain. Rise lifts you out of that trap.

Yo-Yo Diets are temporary. They are:

  • One-size-fits-all. You are no different than anyone else.
  • Depressing. It sucks to feel like a failure, and cycling through Diets means that you’re failing constantly.
  • Expensive. Cycling through diets costs a lot of money.

Rise is lasting…permanent, because we are:

  • Personalized. Your food choices are the fingerprint of your health. They’re built around your unique emotions, constraints, and choices. It’s personal, and we get that.
  • Human. At Rise, you’re paired with a real human being. An expert who actually cares about your health, and will motivate you through the peaks and valleys of your journey.
  • Present. You will always feel the presence of your coach.
  • Affordable. We don’t believe you need to be wealthy to be healthy.

To be clear, we’re not anti-Diet. But when we see hundreds of millions of people spending hundreds of billions of dollars on solutions that don’t last, we feel like you deserve better. Our competitors care about how you feel for the next 6 months. We care about how you feel for the next 60 years.

Now, that message might not be as sexy as “get flat abs fast”, and that’s ok. If your goal is a fast fix, then Rise probably isn’t right for you. But if you’re ready to commit to your health, then we will reboot your entire diet and give you the techniques, tools, and motivation you need for a lifetime of health, energy, and confidence. That’s our promise.

Lots of Rise Love,

Suneel Gupta

CEO, Co-Founder of Rise