Get ready to do happy hour and stick to your New Year’s resolutions and weight loss goals! Slowly sip on one or two of these healthy cocktail options so that you can leave the bar guilt-free (and hangover-free).

Remember, everything in moderation. Also, keep in mind that it’s the fried and cream snacks that go hand-in-hand with happy hour that can be the most detrimental to good nutrition. To combat that, munch on some veggies and protein within an hour or so of heading to the bar. Don’t go on an empty stomach!

Go Sparkling!

healthy cocktails

Aim to fill half of your glass with calorie- and chemical-free sparkling/soda/mineral water . Enjoy mixed drinks with just a splash of juice or tonic for flavor. Tonic is nutritionally equivalent to a soda sweetened with corn syrup adding about 100 extra calories to each cocktail. 

Rosé Spritzer

healthy cocktails

An especially decadent-tasting bubbly treat is Rosé paired with the naturally sweetened sparkling water, LaCroix Cran-Raspberry


healthy cocktails

It is among the least caloric adult beverages with less than half that of red wine!  Cheers to that!

Super Skinny Margarita

healthy cocktails

Ask for bartender for ice blended with fresh lime juice, a splash of orange juice, more of that fabulous soda water, and skip the added salt and sugar with your tequila for a tangy, guilt-free marg.  Try 4 of The Best Skinny Margaritas next time you are hosting your own happy hour!

Light Lagers

healthy cocktails

Craft beer is ubiquitous these days, competing for the strongest and oftentimes most caloric brew.  Light lagers are can impart half or one-third the calories of the dark stuff.  Check out the list of the 100 best-tasting, top-rated lagers here.

No matter what, remember to drink everything in moderation.



Written by Rise Coach Sonya Feinberg Addo. Sonya is a foodie, health nut, gym rat, and busy mom of two. She loves nutrition coaching and helping others make lifelong healthy behavior change. She has partnered with hundreds of people to lose weight and feel great over the past two years with Rise. Sonya’s nutrition philosophy is to be realistic with your goals, and to think about what you are going to enjoy MORE of each day, rather than what you have to avoid. Learn more about Sonya and how to work with her here.