About: I could talk about food all day everyday, which I guess is why I got into nutrition! I simply love talking about (and of course eating) food in addition to wanting to help people better understand why our food plays a vital role in our health. Eating food is something we do everyday, multiple times a day so the more you know the better choices you can make! When not working, my time is spent biking around the city and exploring new food (surprise!) and beer joints, hanging with my grandma, going to concerts, learning Spanish, or planning my next vacation.

Favorite food: If I had to narrow it down, I’d pick peanut butter and milk (because I have those almost everyday) and anything Thai with spice.

Favorite way to exercise: Like food, it’s so hard to pick a favorite! I play volleyball and do yoga on a regular basis, but biking is by far what I do most. I love incorporating physical activity into my daily routine so my bike ride to and from work is my built in exercise.

Specialties: Weight loss, diabetes, healthy eating as it applies to different kinds of cultural cuisines.

#1 healthy eating tip: Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods. If you like pizza, or maybe chocolate the most, don’t cut it out completely! There can be room for everything in a healthy diet.

Nutrition pet peeve: Super-foods. Yes, some foods may have more antioxidants, or fiber, or (insert any healthy food characteristic), but I think the way they are advertised makes people think that if they drink say, Acai juice, all day they will magically lose weight or become healthier. There’s more too it than that!

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