Airports have so may food options, but healthy food can be hard to find – especially if you’re stressed and rushing to a flight. So, prepare and have a game plan of how you’ll navigate through the waters of Cinnabon, McDonald’s, Ben & Jerry’s, or one of the many airport bars. Here are our 5 suggestions for healthy airport eating.

1. Newsstand Store



Most airports have a store full of magazines, books and snacks. Look for options like trail mix and granola/protein bars to get more filling fiber and healthy fats. Stay mindful with trail mix and aim for a palm -full for your serving.

2. “Fresh” Kiosk

Healthy Airport Eating

More and more airports are offering fresh and healthy items either at a store or kiosk. Grab a salad, fruit, or yogurt to help add nutrition and satiety. Remember, choose plain greek yogurt if it’s an option.

3. Starbucks

Healthy Airport Eating

You can find a Starbucks at almost every airport.  While some items and beverages can pack in the calories, there are some lean choices like their Protein Box and Egg white sandwiches. Aim for choices around 400-500 calories for a meal or 200 calories for a snack.

4. Restaurants

Healthy Airport Eating

If you have the time before or between flights, opt to sit down and have a balanced meal. Look for protein or veggie-based dishes and ask for dressings/sauces on the side. This environment allows for a more mindful and intentional eating episode, which helps with food choices and portions.

5. Pack a snack

Healthy Airport Eating

When in doubt, bring food from home! Trail mix, granola bars, LÄRABARs® and fruit are all healthy choices that travel well. Having wholesome options in your bag before you get to the airport will not only save you money, but also make it easier to stay committed to your wellness.

Eat well and travel safely!


jenni costelloBy Rise Coach Jenni Costello, CPT, R.D., LCSW. Jenni worked in a hospital and gym setting after completing a B.A. in Nutrition and certification in personal training. She realized that what stood in the way of many of her clients reaching their goals was not only their meal planning but also their self esteem, attitude and behaviors. She then completed a Master’s degree in Social Work specializing in mental health. Learn more about Jenni and how to work with her here.