Are you bored with your lunch? Are you a creature of habit? Spice it up with these easy, healthy lunch ideas. Whether you’re taking to the office or eating at home, a little pre-planning goes a long way.

1. Salad with lean protein


I know this sounds like the typical thing a dietitian would say but hear me out! This is a great way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your day. Salads are one of my favorite lunch options because they are filling but don’t give you the after lunch tiredness you get with larger meals.

This option is really endless and you can mix it up every day! Try doing a southwest salad one day with beans, chicken and salsa or you can stick with a chicken Cesar salad. Just make sure to always incorporate a lean protein source, watch your fatty toppings and limit dressing to around two tablespoons.

2. Sandwich or Wrap

Healthy Lunch Ideas

This is a classic lunch option, I am sure many of us grew up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, which can be boring after a while. But it doesn’t have to be! Mix things up! Try switching between whole wheat bread and a wrap so it doesn’t feel monotonous. Choose lean lunch meat like turkey or ham and incorporate some veggies to help give it a crunch. Feel free to add a side of fruit to the meal as well!

3. Build a Bowl

Healthy Lunch Ideas

You know all those grain bowls that you buy from cafes? Well you can make them on your own! Think of this as a Chipotle burrito bowl or a quinoa bowl from Protein Bar. You can make healthier versions at home and you can save tons of money! Choose whole grains whenever possible and incorporate veggies to help balance the meal. These are easy to make in a large batch so that you can have easy grab and go options in the morning.

4. Crockpot lunch

Healthy Lunch Ideas

This option involves some meal prep, but still –  but it’s super easy! Pick one night during the week to make a large batch of your favorite crockpot recipe. (It could be a healthy chili or stew.) Then pre-make storage containers filled with the crockpot goodies and store them in your refrigerator. They are easy options to have on hand in the office so you can just throw them in microwave and enjoy!


Healthy Lunch Ideas

This is, by far, one of my favorite and easiest healthy lunch options! So let’s say you are cooking dinner, for example chicken with sweet potato and kale. Throw an extra chicken breast and double the recipe so that you can make lunch for tomorrow! You are already cooking so it doesn’t involve any extra work besides grabbing a container to store it in the refrigerator!

I hope these easy lunch ideas get you inspired – the options are endless.


Lauren Remley

Written by Rise Coach Lauren Remley, R.D. Lauren is a food lover with a background in clinical nutrition, public health, counseling and research. She believes that you can fit any type of food into a healthy lifestyle and that balance and moderation are the name of the game. She focuses on the individual and helps everyone she works with find their best self. Learn more about Lauren and how to work with her here.