A salad is a no-fail, healthy home run, right? Wrong. It’s all about the salad dressing. Your incredible bowl of stunning veggies means nothing if it’s slathered in calorie-laden dressings. But the good news?  Here are 5 easy salad dressings that will allow those glorious greens to shine WITH the added deliciousness of healthy dressings and WITHOUT the extra calories.

1 Healthy Ranch

Easy Salad Dressings

No need to pass on that family-favorite ranch any longer. Thanks to plain greek yogurt, you can whip up a creamy ranch dressing that is only 10 calories per tablespoon! That’s 160 calories and 14 grams fat less per serving than its regular counterpart! Use just a bit less milk in the recipe and you can even create a delicious dip for veggies! (Full Recipe at Foodie and the Fix)

2 Red Wine Tomato Vinaigrette

Easy Salad Dressings

You won’t have to worry about a bland salad with this dressing packed to the brim with flavor. Plus, you’ll get a head start on eating your veggies since this dressing uses tomatoes as its base! All you need to do is toss a tomato and a few common pantry items into a blender and voilà, you got yourself a low-calorie, high nutrient dressing! (Full recipe at  SkinnyTaste)

3 Avocado Cesar Dressing

Easy Salad Dressings

Creamy avocados are the star in this heart-healthy caesar dressing! And since avocado are wonderful sources of omega 3s, fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin K, B5, B6, E, and C, you’ve got a laundry-list of reasons to drizzle on this dressing… including the reason that it is simply delicious! (Full recipe at Detoxinista)

4 Carrot Miso Dressing

Easy Salad Dressings

You no longer need to visit your favorite Japanese restaurant to enjoy a salad topped with tasty carrot miso dressing. Wouldn’t this be a perfect side salad to enjoy with a nourishing bowl of stir-fry? (Full recipe at Girl Cooks World)

5 Creamy Balsamic Dressing

Easy Salad Dressings

Greek yogurt makes an appearance once again in this delicious dressing with minimal added calories. Best yet? You receive the added benefits protein and calcium from the yogurt! This versatile dressing will surely become a regular salad topper for your family . (Full recipe at Salad in a Jar.) 


JamieMortimerWritten by Rise Coach Jamie Mortimer, Registered Dietitian. Jamie lives in Southern California but is a true Southern girl at heart (born and raised in Texas) who is also a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Learn more about Jamie and how to work with her here.